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Wolfgang Hampel, Betty MacDonald and very good friend

The Egg and I Film Illustration
Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Wolfgang Hampel - and Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we are very glad to share really great Betty MacDonald fan club news with you.
You'll be able to see several fascinating family photos including Betty MacDonald's grandmother Gammy in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter March.

We are looking for two very important personalities who are going to celebrate their birthday during March.

Several Betty MacDonald fan club fans seem to have some troubles regarding the names of these two personalities.  
Most of them only mention one personality but there are two of them.

Think it over, please.  
The other personality we are looking for was a very good friend of our beloved author.  

Tell us the names please and you could be our next winner.

Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel and Betty MacDonald fan club research team are going to share very interesting info on ' Betty MacDonald and the movie The Egg and I '.

Betty MacDonald fan club exhibition will be fascinating with the international book editions and letters by Betty MacDonald.

It isn't very compliacted too to  know the names of Betty MacDonald's and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle birthday guests.

Hurry up, please. 

You can win our new Betty MacDonald documentary.

We hope Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli will be back soon with new adventures.

Wishing you a very nice Sunday,


Don't miss this very special book, please.

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Betty MacDonald Fan Club proudly presents:

The amazing, very witty, charming, intelligent story written by our brilliant Betty MacDonald Fan Club Honor Member - artist and writer Letizia Mancino.


Copyright 2011/2016 by Letizia Mancino
All rights reserved
Translated by D. Tsiaprakas

Betty, I love you! Your books „Anybody can do anything“ and „Onions in the Stew“ are really outstanding! I take them into my hand, and at a stone's throw I am right away in America ! Columbus and the egg: The great discovery!

Your bestseller „The Egg and I“ the greatest discovery. And you and I! I know America: It's true what you are writing: That's America: Absolutely right! No, even to the least detail! The landscape and the passion: Do you know the country where pistols blossom? Brava, Betty, you are describing the Americans vividly, genuinely, insufferably, brushed upon paper. If I like to read your works? To read doesn't even express it! I can even hear and see everything: Nature, culture, subculture.

America has almost remained unchanged! O those cool Americans! Calculating, stockmarket, Wall Street, the financial crisis (even back in 1930), the gamblers, the bankruptcy of companies! The swarming of dodgers and cheaters. People left without money. Dispair und hunger! A terrible „Worst Case“ (when I knew but little English I thought it is sausage with cheese).

Still how impressive is the ability to adaptone self of the Americans: They know how to enjoy life, acrobats of survival! In the twinkle of an eye they achieved to adapt themselves and effect the work of pioneers: In the morning you are a cleaningwoman, in the evening a brothel woman! No problem!

„The insufficient, here it's becoming an event; The indescribable, here it's done;“ Mary Bard Jensen, your sister, was the treasure trove of procuring work: My word, what a power woman with unlimited imagination! She has recommended you everywhere: Betty can do everything, also write novels! Go ahead, sister, hurry up! The editor wants to see your manuscripts! Up to that point you had not written a single line! Wow! And if still everything goes wrong? No problem: When you dream, dream big!

Just look, you have become famous.The Egg and I You know that, Betty? I'll slip into „The Egg and I“ and come and be your guest! I want to get to know your chickens. I hate chickens! I'm a chickens slave from North America! O Betty, without these damned animals, no chance of you becoming famous! „The Egg and I“ you would never have written! How many readers you have made happy!

Your book is so amusing! Your witty fine (almost nasty) remarks about your family members and roundabout neighbours made me laugh so much! You have been born into a special family: Comfort was not desired: I can't but be amazed: What did your father say to your mother? After tomorrow I am going to work elsewhere: Thousands of miles away...He sent her a telegram: LEAVING FOR TWO YEARS ON THURSDAY FOR MEXICO CITY STOP GET READY IF YOU WANT TO COME ALONG – That was on Monday. Mother wired back: SHALL BE READY, and so she was.That's America! Improvisation, change, adventure. You show no weakness: Let's go! Your descriptions, Betty, about the tremendous happenings in nature have deeply frightened me.

Continent America, I'm terrified by you! I feel so small and threatened like a tiny fly before an enormous flyswatter! Your novel is very many-sided! The reader may use it even as a cook book! „The Egg and I“ starts straight away with a recipe: „Next to the wisdom that lamb meat doesn't taste good unless it has been roasted with garlic“. Do you enjoy the American food?

O Betty, it's too fatty for me and I hate garlic! (Betty is presently cooking lunch for Bob. She's continually talking to „STOVE“: STOVE is Bob's rival; in the beginning I thought it was being himself). She turns round and says: Well, so no garlic for you. No lamb either, Betty. I don't eat any meat! I'd actually prefer only fried eggs. Betty, let me make them myself. Then you try it!

Blow! „STOVE“ out of order! I don't succeed in turning it on! Damned! It's got more of a mind of its own than „STOVE“ of my friend, Hilde Domin! Bob's coming! He must eat directly! „Men eat anything, the swines! Says your grandmother Gammy“. Is it true? Do you like my chickens? Bob asked me without introducing himself. Yes, Bob (rude) I love them! I'm vegetarian. Do you want to clean the henhouse with me tomorrow? A, you're always getting up so early at four o'clock! Bob, that's not a job for me! He looked at me disdainfully! A Roman cissy! You need a reeducation at once! Help, Bob's attacking me! I rather change the novel immediately and move to the „Island“! 

US election 2016: Trump and Clinton remain front-runners

US presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have maintained their status as front-runners in the latest round of voting for their parties' nominations.
Despite defeats to Ted Cruz in Kansas and Maine, Republican Mr Trump won in Louisiana and Kentucky.
Other Republican contenders Marco Rubio and John Kasich made little progress.
Mrs Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic races in Kansas and Nebraska, but won in Louisiana.
Texas Senator Cruz now appears to be the only candidate who can stop Mr Trump, analysts say, after a week in which the Republican establishment did everything it could to attack the New York tycoon.
Full results: How the states were won
How radical are Trump and Cruz?
Clinton v Sanders: The progressive battle

At a glance:

  • Donald Trump won two more states, bringing his total to 12
  • Ted Cruz's two victories give him six wins in all
  • Marco Rubio has won only one state, while John Kasich has none
  • Hillary Clinton's win in Louisiana gives her a total of 11 states
  • Bernie Sanders' two victories give him seven wins in all

Observers also point out that Mr Cruz and Vermont Senator Sanders both won in caucuses but lost in the Louisiana primary elections, involving far more voters.
The Democratic race in Louisiana - comfortably won by Mrs Clinton - also appears to have exposed Mr Sanders' lack of support among African-American voters.

Both Mr Trump and Mr Cruz urged the other Republican contenders to drop out of the race.
Speaking after his wins in Kentucky and Louisiana, Mr Trump told a news conference: "I would love to take on Ted Cruz one on one."
Mr Cruz suggested it was time for Senator Rubio and Ohio Governor Mr Kasich to step aside.
"As long as the field remains divided, it gives Donald an advantage," he said.

Saturday's voting story: By Anthony Zurcher, BBC News

Although Donald Trump has surged to a sizeable lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, there were two significant areas in which he had underperformed. He tended to struggle in caucuses and in states where voting is limited to members of the Republican Party.
Saturday's results confirmed that this will continue to be a challenge for the front-runner. He lost closed caucuses to Ted Cruz in Kansas and Maine, and posted a narrow win in Kentucky. He also edged Mr Cruz in Louisiana's closed primary.
Although there aren't many caucuses left on the Republican calendar, most of the upcoming primaries are closed - including the key vote in Florida in just over a week.
Saturday night's showing helped buttress Mr Cruz's argument that he is the party's best hope to challenge Mr Trump, as Marco Rubio and John Kasich continue to lag far behind. If the Texas senator is to catch the New York billionaire, however, loyal Republican Party voters, particularly in Florida, will have to rally behind him in even greater numbers. It's a tall task - but not an impossible one, if the once-popular Mr Rubio continues to haemorrhage support.
The Democratic results presented yet further evidence that Bernie Sanders can beat Hillary Clinton in smaller, more homogenous states, but she is likely to continue to extend her lead with big wins in Southern and ethnically diverse states, as she did in Louisiana on Saturday.

Mrs Clinton said she was thrilled to extend her lead over Mr Sanders in the delegate count.
She added: "No matter who wins this Democratic nomination, I have not the slightest doubt that on our worst day we will be infinitely better than the Republicans on their best day."
Her advantage among pledged delegates - those awarded according to how the states have voted - is substantially bolstered by the hundreds of so-called 'super delegates' who have said they will back her at the convention.
Your browser does not support the <code>iframe</code> HTML tag. Try viewing this in a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 or later.
The election itself, on 8 November, will see America vote for a successor to Barack Obama, a Democratic president standing down after two terms in office which have seen the Republicans take control of both houses of Congress.

Election calendar: Next races

  • 6 March: Maine caucuses: Democratic
  • 8 March: Hawaii and Idaho caucuses: Republican; Idaho primary: Republican; Michigan and Mississippi primaries: Democratic and Republican
  • 15 March: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio primaries: all Democratic and Republican